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Cindy lou Burgess C.D. & C.B.E.

Specializing in all birth options and covering all of Connecticut

Benefits of using a Doula
Questions for 36 week appointment

Q. Approximately how many VBACs has this practice attended?
     — Of those patients in your practice who wanted VBACs, how many
         were successful?

Q. What do you think my chances are of VBAC success, given my
      childbirth history?

Q. How will we manage a postdate pregnancy?
     — 80% of babies born between 38-42 weeks
     — Average first time birth for caucasion woman is 41 weeks 3 days

Q. Natural methods of inducing labor?

Q. How long would you be willing to and comfortable for a VBAC labor to last?
      (assuming I'm healthy and baby appears to be healthy?)
     — When would you want me to come to the hospital?

Q. How many people can I have with me during the labor and birth?
     — Husband
     — Have hired a doula
     — My mom

Q. What are your usual recommendations about:
     — IV's?
         - Hep lock?
         - GBS positive
         - How is antibiotic administered? Is an oral antibiotic possible?
         - What if I get to the hospital 5, 6, 7 or so dilated and there is not enough time
           for antibiotic? Possible consequences?
     — Pitocin?
     — Pain/Epidurals?
         - Natural Childbirth — plan is to manage pain without drugs but am not
           against epidural for pain if I have dilated past point at which epidural
           might stall labor
         - Is it possible to request a nurse with Natural Childbirth
     — Confinement to bed?
         - Want freedom to be upright and to move about to help move
           labor along and manage pain
     — Feotal monitoring?
         - Continual/ intermittent?
         - Telemetry unit? (is that wireless?)
         - Internal?! NOOOOO!
     — Episiotomy?
         - Will you do perineal massage?

Q. Post-partum uterine exam to check integrity of scar?
     — Please don't unless there's a particular reason like heavy bleeding
         from unknown source

Q. No circumcision!

Q. Cord stop pulsating before cutting

Q. Husband cut cord?

Q. Delay eurithromycin?

Q. No suction?

Q. Immediate skin to skin contact — nurse

Q. Weigh and measure in room