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Professional Birth & Postpartum Doula
Cindy lou Burgess C.D. & C.B.E.

Specializing in all birth options and covering all of Connecticut

Benefits of using a Doula
Some important facts!

Doula's give continuity of care
Support the dad/partner — dad's especially need nurturing and care
during this major life transition.
Accessible resource No need of worrying about forgetting what you
learned in Childbirth education class
Another pair of hands During intense times another pair of hands
maybe needed to help
Credibility You will trust the questions the doula asks are appropriate
because the doula is your experienced advocate with labor support.
In most cases, has labored herself
Advocacy Accountability only to the couple allows the doula to avoid
conflict of interests with the hospital or doctor.

Reduced Rates of medical procedures and complications.
Doulas are not magic, though. If your OB has a high cesarean rate or your
planning a early epidural, a doula's support can help you through it.
— The Connecticut cesarean rate is 32.8% and the national average
    is 32.8% as of 2010.
— The All About Birth cesarean rate is under 10%

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on cesareans and more.

My patient was very lucky to have the help of this exceptional doula. She should get a medal!

- Marcia Waitzman M.D.


My labor & childbirth (a -VBAC ) went exactly as I hoped and I do not believe this would of been the case without our labor support.
- Bridget L.