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Cindy lou Burgess C.D. & C.B.E.

Specializing in all birth options and covering all of Connecticut

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Cindy lou Burgess with a patient and familyWelcome,
I am a mom who has been interested in birthing ever since I was a nine years old. When I was working as a C.N.A at UCONN Medical Center. A nurse I worked with suggested that I train to become a postpartum doula. So I did. One of my postpartum clients is a nurse at Manchester Hospital. During my stay with her she discussed with me the possiblities of becoming a birth doula. Once again I researched, studied and certified through A.L.A.C.E./TOLABOR. I have attended multiple workshops on Waterbirth, (V.B.A.C.) Vaginal Birth After Ceaseran and the possible impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse. I will help you consider all your birthing options that are available to you. I look forward to sharing my vast experience with you, and assisting you in finding and exploring your way on your journey to motherhood.


Postpartum Doula
Labor Assistant Workshop
ALACE /toLabor Certification
D.O.N.A. Certification
Water Birth Conference
Essentials of Maternal-Infant Care
Neonatal Resuscutation
Cindy lou has a positive, relaxed, upbeat personality, and her presence during labor helped me to relax and enjoy the moment more.
- Meri F.
She was exactly the presence we needed and really enabled us to enjoy our birth process by taking care of distraction so that we could focus on each other and the arrival of our new baby. - Shannon B.